This Bird Needs A Home

lonely bird

Hey, are you wondering what this bird is doing here? There are no trees left for her to rest. She is forcibly grounded! The poor bird has become homeless overnight. She has no option left with her other than fall prey to her predators. Most of the trees have been cut and transported to make furniture. The rest of the trees have gone in a recent wildfire. Man’s greed is making life miserable for these poor creatures.

There is not a single tree left which she can call her home. The poor bird has no place to live.

Let’s start planting trees for the birds and animals!

The deforestation and the wildfire are making life on the earth miserable for these poor creatures. Who is responsible? Of course, we are! Are you listening? Then let’s start planting trees for the sake of future generations to come. Help our nature to regain its charm and vigor and let the bird give her home back!


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