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Lion And The Train Story

Lion and the train

“Hey, watch out, you are walking on my way. If you are not giving me the way, I have no other option other than knock you down,” the train said. The lion was walking through the railway line without knowing the train was just behind him. The train stopped a few inches from the lion.

“Hey, Mr.Lion, you just had a narrow escape,” said the train. “Who are you? Where are you going?” asked the curious lion. “I am on a long journey to a place thousands of miles away from here. I have to reach my destination in time because my passengers have to reach their places in time,” said the train. “Hey, will you please take me also to that place? I would like to see the world outside. I am fed up living here in the jungle,” said the lion. “Get in, go to the last compartment, it is empty. Take your seat,” the train invited the lion. The lion made himself comfortable inside the compartment. The train started moving.

I’m in the wrong place

After two days, the train reached its destination. The lion saw people everywhere. He got frightened. He jumped out of the cabin, and people started screaming and running for their life. Seeing a lion on the train was unexpected. lion headOh, I am in the wrong place, whispered the lion as he started running. Soon the zoo authorities trapped the lion and took put him to the zoo. He had to spend the rest of his lifetime in the zoo.

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