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Eathen And His Pet Cat

I Am Happy To See You Happy

“Oh, my God, my cat is not well. See how bad he is crying. Please do something to relieve him from the pain. I can’t bear him crying anymore,” said the young Eathen to his father.

“Don’t worry son. I will take him to the vet today. Now you can go to school with peace of mind. By the time you come back, I assure you that your cat will be alright.

You should be careful with your eating in future, the doctor said to the cat.

Eathen went to school with a sad mind seeing the cat crying in pain. His Dad kept his promise, took the cat to the vet. The vet had a detailed examination of the cat. cat lying on a bedHe found that a fishbone stuck inside the cat’s throat. The doctor carefully picked up the fishbone from the cat’s throat. “You should be careful with your eating,” said the doctor. The little cat nodded his head in agreement. The cat stopped crying.

When Eathen came back from school, the first thing he did was searching for his cat. When he found the cat was alright, he was too happy and started playing with the cat.

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