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Don't Make Me Laugh, I'll Die

Laughing Lion

“Don’t worry, I am not going to eat you. You are going to have fun. I can make you laugh all day by telling jokes,” the lion said to the rabbit. The rabbit was frightened and was thinking of how to escape from the lion’s grip. The lion started telling jokes, the rabbit had no other way, but to laugh at the lion’s jokes.

Rabbit didn’t think those were jokes. The lion was telling the funny stories about how he hunted down animals. But for the rabbit, those stories were horror stories, that made him feel like crying. But if he cry, his life is in danger. So the rabbit acted like he enjoyed the lion’s stories, but deep in his heart, he felt like crying.

The poor rabbit couldn’t take lion’s joke stories anymore. So he busted out, “Don’t make me laugh, or I will die!” The lion was shocked he didn’t understand what the rabbit was telling. In that gap, the rabbit ran to his home as fast he could.

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Klue ll es

Laugh and live long. The secret of a healthy life.

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