What Happens When You Loss Your Self-Control?

rat and the cheese
rat and the cheese

The rat believed that he is too smart for any traps. Indeed, he was smart to find any mouse trap to be very careful to avoid it. One day, while he was roaming around in the kitchen, he saw a piece of cheese. That cheese was so tempting for him. After all, which rat could resist that temptation? It’s hard to let it go. But he has to make sure that everything is safe before he lays his hand on the cheese.

He suspected that it was a trap, but the temptation grew in his mind like a wild plant, and finally, it blossomed. The rat came very near to the cheese. The smell of the fresh cheese made the rat forget everything, even his fear. All his focus was on the cheese. The more he looked at the cheese, the more he wanted it. It was so tempting. He always dreamed about eating cheese but never had a chance.

Now the rat’s dream has come true. Here he is, very near to a piece of cheese he always dreamed of eating.  But even before he realized, he was under the strong claw of the bad cat he always dreaded. The rat became the cat’s lunch. Only if he has shown a little bit of self-control, he could have saved his own life.

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