They Say Dolphin Is Man's Best Friend!

dolphin leapt in joy
Dolphin jumping

The dolphin leaped in joy when she saw a small boat coming on her way. She loves ships and boats because with that comes men who love her. She accompanies every ship and boat coming on her way until they cross her territory.

Hey, what is falling from it? She noticed something falling from the boat. She could hear people crying from the ship’s deck. “Something is seriously wrong, I must help them out,” she thought. She wasted no time in reaching out.  She swiftly swam in that direction where the boat was lying.

They say dolphins are man’s best friend and that is true.

She saw a small boy coming down from the top. The dolphin managed to hold the boy with her head. With the boy on the top, she went up. The family saw their child unharmed and were very happy to receive him from the waters. The family wondered how they got back their child and then hen they saw the dolphin. They thanked the dolphin for the great help they received.  They waved at the dolphin and took photos of her. The boy got the first aid and was alright. The dolphin escorted the boat until they reached land.


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