Back Home At Last!

bird flying home

Going home after a day’s hard work, the bird had mixed feelings about her birdlife. She was a beautiful bird, admired by all for her beauty and smartness. But today afternoon, she just had a narrow escape from a hunting bird. 

The hunting bird was after her at his full speed, but she somehow managed to hide behind a tree. It’s never easy for a bird to evade a predator, especially when it is from her own species.  However, she made it to her safety, thanked God for that hiding place behind the tree.

A mother bird loves her babies more than any other animals love their babies!

What worries her most is her kids. Kids back at her nest are waiting for her to come with food. If something happens to her, they will die without getting food. Anyway, she reached home safely. Kids were happy to see her and danced with joy. They enjoyed their food without knowing the hardships and risks their mother is going through to support their family.


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