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Next Patient Please!

Elephant Doctor

Being the one and the only doctor in the jungle, the elephant doctor has a busy schedule. He patiently checks each of his patients to prescribe medicines for them. Animals come to him with all sorts of health issues, and he always has medicine for their ailments. They come sad and go happy. Elephant doctor is kind-hearted doctor, all animals respected him for this diagnostic ability and the skill for treatment. He works hard, his day starts early in the morning before the sun rises and ends hours after the sunset.

They say that his stethoscope has got some kind of magic in it that makes them feel so good while being examined!

His stethoscope wrapped around this shoulder makes his patients relieved. Animals say that the elephant doctor’s stethoscope has got some kind of magic that brings them a lot of relief while being examined.

His patients all have only good words about the doctor elephant. They say that seeing the elephant doctor is a great relief for them and never mind to stand in queue for hours to meet the doctor. The elephant doctor never disappointed his patients and checks them thoroughly.

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