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Two Lion Cubs And Chmpanzees

Let's Go Inside And Have A Look

Two lion cubs were friends. They played games and enjoyed their lion’s life a lot. Being a lion is the most important thing, that was the first lesson they received while they were very young.

One day while playing hide-and-seek, they discovered a cave. That was an unusual cave. The adventurous duo went inside the cave to see what was inside the cave. They walked and walked through the cave. It was dark everywhere. Suddenly lions heard a loud noise. When they looked around, they saw some chimpanzees playing around in a pool. There were a lot of them swimming and dancing near the pool.

funny chimpThe pool had sunlight coming from above the ground. Chimpanzees who saw the lions were surprised and angry. They caught them and presented them to the king. The curious chimpanzee king asked the lions what made them come to their place. The frightened lions told them everything about them and their family.

“Don’t worry you brave kids, you are our guests. Nobody ever dared to venture into this cave. You are the first guests we receive. Spend some time with us and enjoy the pool, and then you can go,” he said. The lion cubs were happy. They played with the chimpanzees a lot. Before it was dark they said goodbye to the chimpanzees and went home with a promise to the chimpanzees that they will come again.

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