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Duck Baby's Day Out

I Found You!

It was the first day for the baby duck who ventured out of her comfort zone. Her mother told her to be cautious about the wild cats and other predators.

The freshness of the spring was everywhere. “The world is so beautiful,” the duck was very happy to walk around in the garden. “Hey, who is there?” It was a worm struggling to hide seeing the baby duck. “Why are you hiding away? I am not going to eat you,” said the baby duck. The worm said hi to the duck.

“Can we be friends?” asked the worm. “Why not, from this moment onwards, we are friends, and friends are to help each other,” said the duck. Both the friends chatted for a while. The worm told her about his duties. We are busy turning the soil fertile by churning out this waste to manure. The duck was impressed at the job the earthworm was doing.

So, each one of us has a job to do. The way we do our job is the most important thing in one’s life,” said the earthworm. The baby duck was happy to see the worm and appreciated the task he is doing for nature. “See you tomorrow, my mother must be looking for me,” the duck said goodbye and walked away to her home with a happy mind to learn something new that day.

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