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Little Rabbit Skiing Adventure

Wow, what a beautiful place!

“Don’t go too far. If that cunning fox spots you, it is dangerous.,” said her mother to Bicky, the rabbit. Bicky was a snow rabbit. She was so excited about her new ski equipment that was a gift from her uncle. She wanted to try it out as soon as possible. “Ok, mom, I’ll be careful. Don’t worry about me, this ski, it will make me faster than any fox! Thank you, mom, for this new ski,” said Bicky in great excitement.

There she goes on her ski. Bicky skied here and there. Soon she reached a beautiful place. The place was so beautiful, so she decided to spend the day there. She removed the ski from her legs to take some rest. She fell asleep. Few hours passed by, and it was afternoon. “Oops, I have to rush home, already it’s too late. Mom would be looking for me,” she was into the ski and started to ride. Bicky saw a shadow.

Hey, who is coming behind me? When she looked back, she saw the cunning fox on his ski following her at great speed. Bicky had no choice but to put all her strength on the ski and keep moving.  The fox was about to touch her then Bicky made a smart move. She pulled to the left and made a sharp turn.
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It was too unexpected for the fox. He also turned but lost his balance, fell from the ski, and got injured himself. Bicky heaved a sigh of relief and rushed back home. When her mother saw Bicky, she was relieved. She was worried about why Bicky was late. Back home, Bicky told her mother everything that happened with the cunning fox. Both the mother and the daughter cried a lot and thanked God for help.

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