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The Story Of A Smart Bear And A Smart Rabbit Too

Come out let's have fun!

That morning a bear saw a rabbit, he ran after the rabbit to catch it. But somehow the rabbit managed to escape hiding behind a bush. The bear couldn’t find the rabbit and wondered how fast he disappeared. I have to use my brain, that’s the only way to find the rabbit, he thought.

“Hey rabbit, wherever you are, please come out, let’s be friends! Why are you hiding from me? After all, we all are living in the same place for years. Come with me, I would like to introduce you to my family. Everybody is eagerly waiting to meet you. I promised them to invite you as our guest,” said the bear.

The bear tried to persuade the rabbit to go with him to meet his family. But the rabbit was a smart animal. He knew that the bear is acting smart, and it’s time for the rabbit to act smart too!

“Thank you for your invitation sir. I know that you are trying to get me out of my hiding place. No way, you will never find me. If I come out from my hiding place, that’s going to be the biggest mistake I am going to make in my life. Instead wasting your time chasing me, why don’t you go and hunt for some honey?” the rabbit said.

The bear couldn’t find the rabbit, went to his home disappointed. He had promised kids some rabbit meat when he comes back. But they were disappointed. The rabbit was back home and told his kids whatever happened and asked them to be more vigilant about the bear.

Story Discussion

Lilly : Bear goes for honey, climbed a big tree and fell down.

Rex: Ha, ha, that is a twist

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