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Smart Cow And The Dump Tiger

Um, That Cow Is Perfect For Me!

The tiger is again in the village. Last time he managed to hunt a fat goat from the village. This time too, he is confident that he will get some good hunting experience in the village. In the jungle, the animals have become smarter. They run at a lightning speed, the old tiger was having a hard time catching them. But in the village, animals are less smart, so he can catch them easily. It’s midnight, everything was silent, the whole village was sleeping. A perfect time for safe hunting, the tiger thought.

That night cow in the cattle shed had a bad dream. She felt that something was not right. The other cows in the cattle shed were sleeping. But she couldn’t. So she started to chew some hay that was lying in front of her. She noticed a pair of shining balls in the night staring at her. She carefully looked at that illuminating objects. When she understood what was shining, she almost fainted. The killer tiger is again here. The last time she witnessed the tiger hunting a goat. The poor goat didn’t get time even to cry. The tiger was so fast. Everything was over within seconds.

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“I won’t allow the tiger to hunt in the village again. I have to something right away,” with all strength, the cow started crying. The killer tiger never expected that. He knew that staying some more time in the village would be risky, as the villagers will come and kill him. So he started running, the villagers followed him. He had a narrow escape before the villagers could catch him. Other cows and the goats in the cattle shed praised the smart cow for her smartness that saved their life.

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