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The Lion Hunt

lion watching the deer
Wow, It's Going To Be Great Treat

“I can’t believe my eyes. Is it a dream?” thought the lion. The lion was having a usual afternoon nap. He heard a sound, and when he opened his eyes, saw a deer standing before him. But the deer didn’t see the lion and was grazing peacefully on the fresh green grass. The lion started to prepare for the hunt. He watched every move of the deer closely.

Suddenly, a tiger came running. The deer got fainted in fear. The lion saw the tiger. Immediately the lion jumped upon the tiger, and there was a fight between the lion and the tiger. I won’t let you catch the deer,” said the lion. After a long flight, the tiger had to leave the place.

The lion looked around and saw the deer still standing there. The deer thanked the lion for saving her life from the wild tiger. This gesture of the deer made the lion change his mind to hunt the deer. “Be careful next time. Go your way,” said the lion as he started to sleep again. The deer went home happy.