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Into The Ocean

Only God Can Help Me!

Are you wondering what I am doing in this boat in the middle of the ocean? Of course, I am not fishing. I survived a shipwreck and luckily could get on to this boat. I was on my way to the zoo.

A few days ago, he was a happy tiger, roaming free in the jungle. But he was captured and was being transported to a zoo thousands of miles away. How sad, now adding to his woe, a shipwreck. He is suffering a lot.

He found himself alone in the lifeboat, surrounded by the vast ocean. The poor chap needs help! Will he manage to survive? He learned how to fish from the sea with his bare hands. The sailing tiger was happy again because the sea fishes were tasty. He sailed wherever the wind took him.

One day, the tiger sleeping in the boat woke up by hearing a loud noise. His boat hit on a rock and split apart. To his surprise, he saw land from far away. He managed to swim the sea to reach there. It was an island. To his surprise, a group of tigers was waiting for him on the island. He was happy and started a new life there on the island.

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