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Wild Escape From The Tiger, Story Of A Clever Rabbit

What is he doing there?

So the tiger was waiting above the tree for his prey. He found something interesting moving around on the ground. He leaned from the tree to have a closer look. What he saw really excited him. It was a small rabbit running around a bush. The tiger was happy to see the rabbit because his food is ready. All he has to do is to simply catch the rabbit and eat it.

Without making any sound, the tiger got down from the tree, stood before the rabbit. He thought the rabbit would be dead just by seeing a tiger so close. Seeing the tiger, the rabbit was frozen with fear but recovered his presence of mind. The smart rabbit thought a clever idea to escape from the wild animal.

“Why are you beating around the bush? Are you not afraid of seeing a tiger before you?” the tiger asked. “No, I am not afraid of anything. Today I ate something that took the fear out of me. After eating that fruit, I am powerful than anybody in this forest. If you attack me, I will smash you. Do you want to see me in action?” the rabbit asked. “No, I was just kidding, you do whatever you want, please let me go now,” and the tiger vanished deep into the forest.

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