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The Fixing Guy

Fixing Guy

The bear loves to repair. The repair bear has all the tools of the trade. Only it’s a matter of time to check what has gone wrong. One day he came across an old timepiece that was lying unused for years. He started repairing it with confidence that he can fix the stuff in no time.

He opened the timepiece by removing the screws one by one. Wow, these machines are incredible, he said to himself. “Ah, I found the problem, this small spring behind that gear is broken.  Oh, the spring is a small one, but there is no replacement available. So what shall I do now?” he thought. He saw a pig coming on his way. “Hello pig, would you help me to repair this timepiece?” the bear asked.

“Hey, you are a smart bear, and you can do it yourself,” the pig asked. “I know that, but now I need a replacement of this spring. If you allow me to pluck one of your hair from your pigtail, I can turn it to a spring that I can use inside the timepiece,” the bear said. “Why not, here is one,” the pig readily gave one piece of hair. The bear carefully made a spring out of the pig hair. “Wow, it’s as good as the new one,” the bear said to the pig.

big brother“Now, let us assemble this,” the bear assembled the timepiece. Now the moment of truth, whether it will work with the replaced pig spring? “Tik Tok Tik Tok, Yeah, it started working.” The bear was happy and the pig too. The bear thanked the pig for his timely help and rewarded him with plenty of honey he collected last night.

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