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Story Of A Zoo Tiger

Help Me Please!

It’s almost a year I am in this zoo. I miss my good old days in the jungle. All animals were afraid of me. I never imagined that I will ever end up in a zoo, like this, never in my life. The only mistake I committed was going to the village.

It was a cold winter night. I didn’t get anything to eat that day. So I decided to go out of my territory to the village. My friends warned me. They said that by going to that village I am putting myself in a dangerous situation. But I ignored their warnings. “Without some adventures, a tiger’s life is a waste,” I told them. 

It was midnight the villagers were fast asleep. I spotted my hunt from a distance, a fat goat.  I slowly moved towards it without making any sound. But all my planning failed when that silly goat saw me and started t cry loudly. That loud cry woke up the villagers. They started screaming and were coming towards me with flaming torches in their hands. I had no other choice but to run for my life.

I didn’t see the pit on my way. I fell into the pit. Villagers with torches in their hands stared at me and started yelling at me. I tried to escape from the pit, but I couldn’t. The next morning, the forest guards came and put me in a cage and transported me to this zoo. I regret the choice I made. I should have listened to my friend’s advice.

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