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Be Brave My Dear Child

Training my boy

On their way, they saw a river. It was a river flowing from a mountain. “Come, let’s cross the river,” said the father bear. Baby bear started crying. “Dad, I fear water, I can’t,” he said. “Why are you afraid of water, my dear son? When I am here, don’t worry about anything. I will not let you suffer any harm. You just shut your eyes, I will carry you in my arm as we cross the river,” he said.

The father bear put his son on his shoulder, and together they crossed the river. Baby bear closed his eyes tight because he fears water. The river was overflowing because of the rain last day. But the father bear knew where the rocks are, and he carefully walked over the rocks to cross the river. surprised bear

After crossing the river, the father bear put his son down. “Look, son, now you can open your eyes. We have crossed the river, now let’s start to walk,” he said. Baby bear was happy he thanked his father for the help in crossing the river.

For the baby bear, there is a lot of learning lies ahead in his life. Soon the baby bear will become good at climbing big trees and hunt small animals. Until that time, the dad bear is with him training him.

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