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Rhino Baby Of The National Park

You can't beat me!

Baby rhino turned playful when he sees a vehicle coming on his way. He saw a pink jeep and started to race against it.  Let me show them how fastest I am running, he thought. The jeep slowed down deliberately for the park visitors in the jeep for a better view of the animal. They had a treat for their eyes seeing the rhino baby running.

Fact Check: Rhinos don’t eat other animals. They love grass and plants.

The rhino stopped just before the end of his territory. Visitors clicked their camera to get the photos of the racer. The rhino baby went back with a happy heart and told his mother about what he did that day. But his mother was not so happy. She scolded him and said never race against vehicles because they may hit you down, she said. Like a good son, rhino baby nodded his head in agreement.
rhino walk

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