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Still Do You Think You Can Fly?

baby elephant and the bird
Yes, I Still Want To Fly!

“Um, do you think you can fly?” the curious bird asked.

“Yes, mam, I want to fly, to see the world,” said the baby elephant.

“Ok, you have got two big ears! That’s a great asset. Now shut your eyes, try flapping your ears like I do with my wings.”

“That’s fine. You did it very well. How do you feel now? Still, do you think you can fly?” the bird asked.

“Yes, mam, I want to fly,” said the elephant.

Come with me, the bird and the elephant went to a big cliff. “Now wave your ears as fast as you can and jump,” said the bird.

The baby elephant started flipping his ears fast. Suddenly they heard a noise. It was his mother who was coming running. “Son, please stop that. That bird is going to kill you,” said the mother elephant. Seeing the elephant’s mother, the bird flew to the tree branch. So the baby elephant had a narrow escape.

Some people make false promises who claim they can make you a hero. If you follow them, you will be zero instead of a hero!