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Don't Kick Too Hard, Or You Will Lose It

elephant playing football

Look, What I Found!

Jingo is a funny baby elephant living in a zoo. Jingo is everywhere in the zoo looking for fun. Most part of the day he could be seen playing with kids. He enjoys the company of kids. Kids who visit the zoo can go near him and talk to him. He loves dancing too. When children sing, he waves his trunk and shakes his head dancing.

When there are no visitors to the zoo, he is angry. He always wants to see people moving around and loves eating bananas. Every day he gets a lot of bananas to eat.

Don’t Kick Me Hard, Jingo

One day while the baby elephant was playing in the zoo, he found a football. It must have been left by those silly kids, he thought. Anyway let me give a try, he thought. He kicked the ball. The ball started rolling. Each time he kicked the ball, it cried with pain. The Elephant kicks were totally different from that of small kids.  Those kicks were painful.

“Hey Jingo, Don’t kick me that hard, it’s painful.” The football pleaded.

But Jingo was not in a mood to listen to him. He kicked it even harder which sent the ball very high and out of sight. Jingo searched for the ball everywhere, but couldn’t find it. If I had listened to the ball I could have played it with longer he regretted about his foolishness. He never saw that ball again. Kids, Remember one thing. If you get an opportunity, use it carefully or you’ll lose it.