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Grizzly Bear's Best Kept Secret

It's Night, Time For A Walk!

She started walking. Every night the grizzly bear goes to the mountain valley, no one knows where she is going. But she always goes to that mountain valley every night to her secret hidden inside the cave. Let’s follow her today.

There she goes, slowly and cautiously she is walking. Hey, she stopped. There is a light coming from the top. We can hear the sound like some machine is working. No, it’s not any machines working, but the honeybees. Wow, this place has a lot of honeycombs.

Honeybees are hard at work before the winter. The bear goes and stands under a honeycomb. Honey was dripping from it. She stands there under a large honeycomb, with her mouth opened to enjoy the fresh sweetness of pure honey dripping from the honeycomb.

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