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The Lion's Song

You Are A Great Singer

“Oops, the lion saw me. What shall I do now? How will I escape? It’s not a good idea to run, because he is faster than me,” the rabbit was thinking about some idea to escape the lion.

In an attempt to divert the lion’s attention somehow, he started a conversation with the lion. “Hey, Mr.Lion, I was coming to you. I heard that you are a great singer. Would you mind singing a beautiful song for me? ” the rabbit asked. “Why not? Do you know something?  I am a born singer,” the lion was happy about the unexpected opportunity to show his talent before the rabbit.

I Love Singing For Others!

The lion started singing, as expected from a lion singing a song, it was too horrible. But the rabbit pretended to enjoy the lion’s singing or else, his life was in danger. After the lion finished his song, the rabbit clapped his hands. “You are a great singer. I must let the world know about your singing. Shall I go and tell everybody about it?” the rabbit politely asked the lion. “Yes, you should, my dear rabbit. I love singing for others,” said the lion. The rabbit ran away from the lion, heaved a sigh of relief, and thanked God for that great idea.

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