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Buffalo And The Beauty Contest

buffalo and the lion
You looks so pretty!

The lion saw a fat buffalo. She must be holding a lot of meat in her body, he thought. But what to do? I can’t hunt her when she is with her herd. “How to hunt her down?” the lion was thinking about ideas to trap the buffalo. “Let me lead her to a remote place away from her community, that will make my job easy,” thought the clever lion. So he approached the young buffalo and said to her that she looks pretty. “Thanks for the compliment, Mr. Lion,” the buffalo said. “Do you know you are wasting your beauty staying here? There is a wild beauty contest happening at the other end of the forest?” the lion asked.

“No, I have never heard about a beauty contest in my life,” the buffalo said. “So here is a golden chance for you to win the beauty title. Come with me, and I will make you the next beauty queen,” the lion said. The buffalo was in full spirit. She didn’t even take the time to consult her mother and immediately went with the lion. They walked a long way until they reached a remote place, away from the rest of the buffalos.

It was a strange place, hearing some strange sound, she looked around, and she saw some lions staring at her. One of the lions jumped upon her. The buffalo couldn’t run as the strong lion was hanging upon her body with his strong claws. Other lions came forward and attacked her. She couldn’t withstand the strong lions for long and became their food.