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A Chug Chug Chug Train Story

A Train Story

“I am exhausted, the steam is not powering me anymore. I am in the middle of nowhere and need a fast repair to get my pistons working. Here comes the mechanic, hope he will find the problem. Oops, I forgot to introduce myself. I am a steam locomotive running miles and miles every day tirelessly carrying goods and men to different parts of the country. Many people depend on my service, and I happily serve them. Now I am old and develop these kinds of problems occasionally. Hopefully, I will be able to push forward for another two or three years until I retire.

I dread the time after my retirement. Many engines like me get abandoned and left there to die a slow death with the rust covering us, which eventually will slowly eat us. You must have seen such rusting engines in the railway yard. If I am lucky, I will find a place in a railway museum, where I will greet visitors.

Ouch, it’s so painful. The mechanic is doing something on my valve. I think he’s replacing it. Ok, now it’s a lot better. It’s time for the test. My driver John is pouring coal into my boiler. Now there is no leak ah, my pistons are moving. Ok kids, bye for now. See you another time. Here I go! Chug, Chug, Chug!

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