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Life Long Singers

No baby, little more louder!

“Ok, here we go. I will teach you how to sing our song, Chrome Chrome Chrome.  No baby, it’s not like that, do it this way. Give a little pause before repeating the next chrome,” said the mother frog to her boy. After a few sessions, the baby frog picked up the singing lessons. He started singing the frog song very well,” “You did it well. Now we will practice another one.,” said the mother. The frog mother living in a pond was teaching her little boy to sing frog songs.

Soon it started raining, the rivers were overflowing. All the animals in the forest were very happy to receive the much needed rain!

“Baby, we are lifelong singers. When we frogs sing, the rain will come. That’s the power of our songs. If we don’t sing our songs, then there won’t be any rain. The mother frog taught the baby frog to sing very well. After a few days, the baby frog was singing very well. One fine cloudy day, both the mother and baby frog began to sing.

Soon it started raining, heavy rain it was all the rivers started overflowing. After a hot summer, the rain was very nourishing for the earth and all the animals and man. Other frogs in the nearby ponds joined their song. The frogs sang loud.

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