Funny Ride Around The World

elephant is riding a cycle

Here I go! today, my life in this boring circus has come to an end. I am riding my bike around the world. People watching me perform in the circus think I am happy. But you know, the life of a circus elephant is boring. I never liked the foul smell of the circus tent and the life there. I wanted to break free and ride around the world.

Wow, this road is silky smooth, I hope it will take me to far away places!

Today I am going out of the tent during my show. I am leaving this circus once for all. My friends will miss me, and I too miss them. But the adventurous world outside is waiting for me. Let me pedal fast, the circus people will come running after me! Wow, this road is silky smooth. This bike is a specially designed one, strong enough to hold the weight of an elephant. It’s quite strong and fast for me. It will take me to the ends of the world.

I love this ride. Hopefully, nobody will stop my adventure. See you guys on my way!


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