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The Pet Dog Who Loved A School Bus

Baby, your bus is here!

Hey, I am anxiously waiting for somebody. Guess who? Here comes the bright yellow colored school bus to take my little friend to school. My little friend is going to school again after a long vacation.

All pet dogs must be hating school buses that come to taken their friends away!

I sure will miss her when she goes to school, but still, it is good for her to go to school and study. We had a great time together all these days. Now when she goes to school, I’ll wait for her to come back.

I think almost all pet dogs must have gone through this kind of situation. They all must be hating school buses to take their best friends away from them. So I am not alone. But this school bus is my friend too. Whenever he sees me, he won’t forget to honk a horn at me. I appreciate that at least somebody is recognizing me for the services I am rendering! Hello baby, the school bus is here. Go to school happy. I shall wait for you to come back to play!

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