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Singing Bird With A Long Beak

La,La,La I love my world!

The bird has an unusually long beak that made her stand out from the rest of the birds. The other birds distanced themselves from the bird with a long beak. “Hey, look at that ugly bird with a long beak,” they always mocked at her. She was sad about her long beak and had no clue about what to do with her long beak. So she went to consult an old bird guru, who gives good advice. She told him about the problems she was having with her long beak. But the guru asked her to sing. She sang very well. “That’s your strength, keep singing, and you will see the world around you changes in favor of you!” he advised.

On a fine morning, the bird started singing a sad song, and it was so beautiful. Other animals in the forest gathered under the tree where the singing bird was sitting. All enjoyed her beautiful songs. They asked her to sing another song. Song after song, she sang, and everybody liked her voice. The bird with the long beak became a celebrity singer in the forest.

Other birds who laughed at her about her long beak have now become her fans. They knew that it was her long beak that produces such a beautiful sound. Some birds envied her long beak because there was nobody who listens to their songs.

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