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The Cunning Fox Who Got Rid Of His Competition

“Don’t you think our king, Mr.lion is a little aggressive in hunting all the animals? If he hunts at this rate, there will not be any animals left for us. Moreover, the lion mocked at the tigers, said that tigers are not good at hunting,” the fox told the tiger.

The tiger was angry hearing that. “Let me teach that foolish lion a lesson,” the tiger grumbled and immediately went to the lion’s den and challenged him for a fight. The lion didn’t have any clue why the tiger is asking for a fight. Both the lion and the tiger are good friends too!

But the lion came out of his den and accepted the tiger’s war cry.  A lion has no other option but to fight like a lion when he hears a war cry. There was a fierce battle between the two wild animals. Other animals who gathered around the battleground could only see the dust coming out of the fierce battle between the two titans. But, it was a foolish battle over a conspiracy, because they didn’t know that it was the cunning fox’s trick to get rid of them.

Both the lion and the tiger got badly injured from the battle and died. The fox was happy and danced because both the big hunters are no more and he can freely hunt the animals.

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