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A Snowtime Love Story Of Two Deers

Hey, Who's there?

It’s again winter, snowflakes everywhere. When it is snowing, everything turns white, mountains, trees, houses, everything! Some animals in the forest dread winter because there is a lack of food, but they love snow because that’s cool. It’s a time for bears to go for hibernation.  The color of the wild nature turns to snow white.

The female deer was running through the mountain valley through the first snow.  “Hey, what’s happening to me?” even before realized, the deer found herself in a pit.  “Please, somebody help me,” the deer screamed. But there was no response.  If nobody helps her, she will die in the pit. Time was fast running, and she lost all hope.

Still, she pleaded for help. “Who’s there needs help?” the she saw a ray of hope. It was male deer, strong and muscular, staring at her from the top of the pit. “Don’t worry, girl, I will help you,” said the male deer. He risked his own life to save the female deer from the pit. “Come, let’s go to my home. I will treat your wounds,” said the male deer.  She felt so happy about it and forgot all the pains she had from falling in the pit and went with the male deer. Both the animals became a family and have lived together ever since.

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