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Love Knows No Bounds, A Tiger And Rabbit Story

tiger mother and rabbit son
Hi baby, please go now!

The wandering tiger saw a cute little rabbit baby. The rabbit was so cute, so the tiger decided not to eat him, but to adopt him. She took him to her den, and the rabbit kid lived with the tiger, along with her other cubs. For him, she became his mother, and for the tiger, rabbit became her son. One day, the tiger mother saw another tiger staring at her child. She knew that it was dangerous for her son to stay with her any longer. “My dear child, I find it’s not safe for you to stay with me as other tigers may hunt you. So you better leave me to join with your rabbit community,” she said. The rabbit had no other choice but to leave his tiger mother.

So he left the tiger mother. Tears were flowing from eyes of both the animals. The tiger mother accompanied her son till crossing her territory. Soon, the rabbit joined his community. Other rabbits were surprised to hear the story of the rabbit who grew up with a tiger. The tiger mother missed her child very much. So the tiger used to visit the rabbit every now and then with a lot of carrots and other eatables.

One day, the rabbit saw a group of tiger hunters. He knew that his tiger mother’s life was in danger. So he ran as fast as he could to inform his mother about the hunters. The information helped the tiger mother so that she could hide in a safe place. When the hunters came down, they saw another tiger and caught him, caged him, and took away with them to the zoo. It was the same tiger who wanted to eat the rabbit and made him leave his mother. Now both mother and child were free to meet each other. Rest of their lives, they lived together for a long time.


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Friendship between animals are often amazing. They go beyond everything