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Be A Good Listener, Save Your Life!

Oops, he found me!

“Oh, god, here he comes. If the lion finds me, I am dead,” the rabbit took a hiding place behind the tree to hide from the lion. But the lion saw him. “Why are you hiding away? I am not going to kill you,” said the lion. The rabbit was surprised. If a lion finds a rabbit, then there is no escape. In a sudden flash, everything will be over. What is this lion up to? or is he acting? Many thoughts have passed through his mind.

The lion asked the rabbit to sit down. The lion also sat down beside the rabbit. The lion started to tell his fighting stories with the rabbit. The lion’s long stories were about his hunting. How he killed a buffalo, how he made the elephants run for their life and so on. The rabbit had to hear the boring story of the lion thought it was better than to become his lunch! The rabbit acted like he was getting interested in the lion’s stories and nodded his head as the lion went on telling the stories.

Anyway, the lion left the rabbit after completing his story session, satisfied. The rabbit was happy to get his life back and hurried home to his worried family.

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