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An Unforgettable Hospitality!

Rescue dog

The rescue dog was tired of the rescue operation. He was searching for some missing people. But, somehow he lost himself in the middle of snowy mountains.. The poor rescue dog wandered through the thick snow in the hope that he could trace back his path to home. The sun has already set down, and he was worried about getting back home. His backpack made it difficult to walk.

The dog heard a big sound from behind. When he looked back, he saw a block of snow ball was rolling towards him. From his experience, he could tell that it was an avalanche. He ran fast to escape from hitting the snow blocks.

When the dog opened his eyes, he was in a strange place, warm and so cozy. Who was watching him? A tall bear was standing beside him. At first, the dog was frightened to see the monster like bear before him. “Where am I? How did I reach here?” the dog asked the bear in surprise. “Don’t worry baby, you are now in safe hands. I rescued you from that avalanche,” said the bear smiling. The bear said the whole story of how he managed to rescue the rescue dog. The dog waved his tail in gratitude.

“You can go back home tomorrow. You are my guest today. Have some coffee and then dinner,” said the bear. Both the bear and the rescue dog became friends. Rescue dog talked about the job he was doing finding and rescuing people who are trapped inside the snow.

The next day, the dog said goodbye and started off to his home happy. The bear asked him to come back during his next big rescue operation.

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