Two Tigers Hunting Strategy

two tigers hunting

“Hey, what happened? You looks so tired.” asked one tiger to the other one. They were meeting after a long time. “Now-a-days, it’s tough to hunt as the animals have become smarter,” said the other tiger. They decided to hunt together. They meticulously planned for the day’s hunt.

They saw a big tree. “Hello Dear, I think this tree is a great hunting spot. It has got a big branch strong enough to support a tiger. From above the tree, one could see everything happening on the ground. When our prey comes near, all we have to do is to jump up on that animal. Wow, it’s a great idea. This tree also has got a branch where you can safely sit safe and spot your prey,” said one of the tiger.

So both the tigers have come into an agreement. One tiger will sit above the tree watching the ground, and the other one goes and hide in the bush. When prey comes near, the tiger sitting on the branch will jump, and the one hidden in the bush will come out to help him.

The two tigers planned everything meticulously. One of the tiger climbed upon the tree and made himself comfortable on the tree branch. Around midnight they heard a sound. The tiger on the tree jumped upon the prey. But something was wrong. He landed on a hard surface. To his horror, the tiger realized that he landed on the top of the big elephant. At that time, the tiger from the bush also appeared. The elephant was angry at the tigers. Both tigers had a hard time with the elephant who threw them away.

The tigers learned a lesson the hard way. Never jump to a conclusion without a strong evidence.


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