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A Monster Encounter

Mother, there is a monster out there!

The baby elephant came running fast to his mother. He was trembling with fear. “Hey, what happened to you, my boy? You look very afraid of something, tell me,” asked his mother. “Mother, there is a huge monster hiding out there. When I was walking near the pond, it roared,” said the baby elephant in one stretch. “Have you seen the monster?” asked the mother. “No, I didn’t see it, but heard its roaring,” the baby elephant said. “Then how can you say that it’s a huge monster?” the mother asked.

“Ok, anyway, let me see which monster is daring to frighten my child. Come with me, I will show you what I can do with that monster,” said her mother. Both the elephants went near the pond. They searched everywhere for the monster but could find one.

The mother elephant saw some frogs sitting behind a rock. Ah, now I got the monster she laughed. “Come here,” she called her son. She showed him the frogs who were making that monster sound by crying together because that’s the way they let the world know that it is going to rain.

“Let’s go home. It is going to rain soon,” said the mother elephant. The frogs were right. Soon it started to rain. Baby and the mother elephants returned home. On the way, the mother told the baby this. “Never get frightened on something you don’t know the reason,” she said. The baby elephant nodded his head in agreement.

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