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Fruit Of Fearlessness

Lioness and the rabbit

The lioness was wandering in the forest looking for some food. A young rabbit was jumping here and there, appeared before the lioness. The lioness was happy. “Without any effort, I am getting my hunt,”  she thought.

But the rabbit, who was a smart one, stayed calm and smiled at the lioness. The confused lioness asked the rabbit why the rabbit was not afraid. “Madam,  it’s because of the delicious fruit I ate today that makes me happy all day. You know something, if somebody eats that fruit, they will not fear anything,” the rabbit said.  “If that’s the case, please let me know where I can find that miracle fruit,” she said. “Ok, you come along with me,” and the rabbit and the lioness went to a big mountain. Rabbit pointed to a tree and said. “If you can climb the mountain and climb the tree, you can eat the fruit.”

“Here I go, I will not waste any time as I want to eat that fearless fruit to get rid of my fear of elephants,” the lioness said as she climbed the mountain and to the top of the tree. But the tree was a small one, which could not hold the weight of the lioness. The tree fell with the lioness, and the lioness rolled down from the top of the mountain. Hey, now I am again happy, clapped the rabbit and started running towards his home.

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