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The Brave Deer And The Confused Lion

Why did you stop?

The hungry lion saw a group of deer grazing in the meadows. “It’s a good hunting opportunity, let me hunt one of them,” the lion said to himself. He roared. Have you ever heard of a roaring lion? It’s very loud and frightening. His roar sent all those deer in the meadows running for their life. The lion ran after them. It was an easy thing for a lion to hunt down a deer who is running for shelter from the hunting lion. But something unusual happened. The lion had to stop immediately.

What he saw made him confused, really confused. He saw a male deer, standing still, staring at the lion. The lion had no clue why the deer stopped and staring at him. A deer has to run when he sees a lion, that is the law of nature, but here is a deer who is brave to stand still before a lion!

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The deer stood there like a statue, staring at the lion. The confused lion couldn’t make a single step forward. The lion felt that something is grabbing him from behind. It was the braveness of the deer that made the lion confused and abandon his hunting attempt.

Why did the deer stand like a statue? The deer stood still only because of his dear friends and his family. He wanted to save his friends. He was expecting the lion to attack him so that other deer could save their life. But the lion, seeing the brave deer, left the place silently. He thought that the deer possessed some supernatural power to kill a lion, which could be the reason why he stood still before a lion.

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