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A Short Lion Biography

lion preparing for hunting
Where is my hunt?

The life of a lion is tough. It’s no fun living a lion’s life. We are the strongest wild animal who can’t be fooled by anybody We hunt not for fun, but for food. I always want to avoid fights, but some animals are just looking for that.

After a sumptuous lunch, I had a deep sleep this afternoon. It is now evening. The sun has painted an orange color in the sky, it’s going to set. It is the time I go for an evening walk. It’s during this walk, I plan for the next day hunting. I glance through the spots ideal for hunting and mark it in my mind.

I follow a roaring strategy in my hunting. When I see animals in groups, I roar loud. My roar frightens almost any animals. They don’t have any clue what is happening, and they ran everywhere. That’s the time I spot the right for me. I focus on that single animal and run after it until it gets tired. Then I’ll jump upon it to make a kill.

We lions are proud animals. We are proud of many things no other animals can claim.  There comes a group of buffalos. Let me prepare for my next hunt. Watch me in action!

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