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Brady Is Finally Getting Some Rest

police dog
Duty First

Brady, the police dog, was admired for his detective skills. As a trained police dog, he was always on the front, leading the police personnel to the arrest of many hardcore robbers. The fearless dog always leads the police team to a clue. He was so passionate about his job even he skipped food at times.

Solving A Mysterious Day-light Robbery

sniffer dog training

One day, investigating a daylight bank robbery, Brady found a person trying to hide something. The dog watched him for some time. The Brady’s trained instinct had made sure that the person was behind the bank robbery. Without waiting, the dog jumped up on the man. The robber couldn’t even think about escape. Police arrested that man found a lot of cash hidden inside his jacket.

Retired Life

Today is a big day for him, a turning point in his life. After years of his passionate service, Brady is retiring from the police force. After a ceremonial farewell, he will get a new home. A rich man in the town has come forward to adopt him because he liked the dog very much.  His new duty was to safeguard his bungalow. He loved his new owner’s family and the surroundings. Brady dog is going to get some rest after all those hectic years. He has a lot of police stories for the other dogs at his new home. Of course, he deserves the best for the best services he had rendered.

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