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Fallen Tree And The Rabbit

rabbit sitting on the fallen tree
Oops, What Happened To You?

“Hey, what happened? Why are you lying down?” asked the surprised rabbit to the tree. “Dear friend, a woodcutter put the ax on me. I was expecting that he will one day do it. You will not see you me anymore in this forest. I will miss you all,” the tree said to the rabbit.

“Where are you going?” asked the rabbit. “I will be going to the place where all the fallen trees will be going. On a truck, to a faraway place, where I will be cut into pieces to make furniture and other stuff people use. Have you seen that rings on my side? Can you count them? These rings show how old I am. The more rings a tree has got, the more valuable it is in the market,” said the tree.

“I am sorry to see you go my dear friend. You have been a great help for us, small animals from our hunters. Whenever we needed you, you offered us a hiding place. Do you remember the day when a cunning fox was chasing me? You gave me a place to hide that saved my life. I am sorry dear friend, I couldn’t save you from the woodcutter,” said the rabbit in tears.

“You don’t worry, my dear rabbit. When my son grows up, he will be taller than me and can provide shelter to all of you,” said the tree while he was loaded into the truck.