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A Stranger's Invitation

tiger and the grazing cow
Um, She Is Fat!

The cow was having a good time grazing the meadows, enjoying the fresh green grass. There was plenty of grass to eat.  While eating the grass, she heard a sound from behind. When she looked back, she saw a tiger standing just behind her. His wicked intention to eat the cow was very visible on his face.

The cow began to scream for help. “Hey, don’t scream. I am not here to attack you, but I want to help you, to lead to you a place where you will get special type of grass to eat,” said the tiger. “I was wondering how you survive on this rotten dry grass. Near my home there is a lot of tasty grass is growing. I warmly invite you to my place. If you eat that grass, you will not eat this tasteless grass anymore,” said the tiger.

“Thank you so much for your kind invitation. But I have a doubt. I know that tigers won’t eat grass. If you haven’t tasted the grass, how can you tell me that it is so tasty? I know that you are luring me to your place to eat me. Now stop wandering here, or I will scream and villagers will come and kill you,” said the cow. The tiger had to flee the place before the villagers come and see him.

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