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Baby Elephant Who Wanted To Sail

Can I Play?

Hey, mom, I love this place. I want to live here,” said the baby elephant. “No, son, this is not the place for us, the elephants. We are supposed to live in the forest and not on the seaside. It’s ok, we can come here for a picnic and fun, but this place is not suitable for us to make it our home,” said the mother elephant.

Hey, mom, come to these waves. I feel these waves are so soothing. Shall I go a little further? He asked that question. Without waiting for his mother’s permission ran towards the sea. The strong waves were not soothing this time. The waves wanted to take him.

“Mother, I can’t come back, please help me,” he cried loudly. Suddenly, his mother ran towards her son. Luckily she could reach him with her long trunk. With all her strength, she pulled her son back. Finally, after a lot of struggle, both the mother and the son have made it to the land.

“You had a narrow escape, my dear son. If you fall into the sea, the waves will take you. You can’t even think of returning to the land. The waves are so powerful that they will grab you in its lap, so keep a safe distance from the waves, or the waves can sweep you away!” warned the mother elephant.

Both mother and the baby elephant spent a lot of time on the seashore. The baby was happy to see the ships sailing passing through their island. In the evening, they returned to their home. The baby elephant learned a hard lesson that day, stay away from the waves!

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