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The Fast Car And The Slow Camel

car and the camel story for children
Please Help Me, I Am Trapped!

The camel was slowly walking on the road. He was quite tired from a long journey and need a rest, carrying goods and people on his back. He was annoyed by a loud horn of a speeding car, which mocked at the camel. “You slow creature, be fast like me, I challenge you to race with me,” the car laughed at the camel as it sped away.

The camel just ignored the car and continue to walk at the same pace. That road was leading to a desert. After walking for some time, the camel saw the car struggling in the desert. It got stuck in the sand and was crying for help. The unforgiving desert was too hot that day, which made the car cry loud in pain. However hard it tried by racing the engine, it couldn’t move even a little bit.

Seeing the plight of the car, the camel offered his help. He pushed the car, and it got freed from the desert sand. The car thanked the camel for the help it received and said sorry for the arrogant behavior earlier. The car learned a hard lesson that day as not to make others look smaller by mocking at them.