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Time For Some Rest, A Camel Story

Ah, It's An Oasis

Ah, at last, I will get some rest now! I have been walking through the desert for a long time. It’s time to take some rest as we reached an oasis. Do you know what an oasis is? It’s a place in the middle of the desert where we can take rest and take food and water. We will spend a few hours here before we continue our journey.

As a desert creature, I walk through the sand with heavy stuff and people on my back from one place to another. I treat my travelers with respect and give them good care. Most of my travelers are new to the desert, find a camel safari very exciting, and I make every effort to make it’s a lifetime experience for them. They enjoy a camel safari very much as I do. I find it very exciting when I see their excitement.

The unforgettable sun is hard on the desert dwellers, but not with me. I have good stamina stored on my back. Just look at my hump it’s full fat, which helps me to travel without food and water for days.

Have you ever been to a desert or took a camel safari? Share your experience below.

Story Discussion

Gok: Camel tongue is out

Wiki: She saw something to eat

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