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Cat And The Train Story

Hello What Happened to you?

The funny cat was so fond of trains, he was a big fan of the fast moving trains. The cat lived near a railway line. Everybody knew about the cat’s interest in the trains.  The cat is happy to see the train moving at a fast speed making a lot of sound.  He always wanted to ask a question to the train, why it is making that big sound when running.  He always wanted a train to stop at his place so that he can have a chitchat.

Whenever a train goes through his place, he runs out of his home to spot the train. He is a big fan of fast-moving trains. He dreams one day he will travel in one of such big machines, but don’t know when. How a train moves, he doesn’t know, but he knows one thing the trains are strong and powerful.

One fine morning, that happened. A train stopped at the cat’s place due to an engine failure. The excited cat ran to the train, spent the whole day with the train asking him questions. They became good friends. The train promised him a ride. After a while, the train started running. The cat was very excited about traveling on a train. He had a great trip on the train. On the way back, the train again stopped at the cat’s place for him to get down. Cat thanked him for the memorable journey.

Now whenever the train reaches the cat’s place, it sounds a whistle to greet the cat. The cat was so happy about it.

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