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Baby, I Won't Let You Down

I Love You To The Moon!

These Green Meadows Are Just For Us!

“Mom, this is a great place. I loved playing here. We have to come here every time,” said the baby elephant to his mother. “Yes, my dear, we will come here. It’s a great place, but now we have to hurry to the safety of our home before it is getting dark,” said the mother elephant.

Mother and baby elephants are in the meadows for a day-long picnic. They came from a faraway place to enjoy the green pastures. This meadow is a great picnic spot for elephants because there is a lot of places to run around. Elephant mothers take good care of their kids by protecting them from dangers, sometimes risking their own life. This elephant mother is fearing a lion. He attacks elephants if he finds them alone. So they had to hurry back their home to the safety of their big family.

On their way home, they heard a roar. It was none other than the big lion, who was standing in their way, blocking them. “Stop there. You are in my territory. How dare are you trespassing my territory without my permission?” the lion asked. “We are sorry Mr.Lion, we had a great time over that meadow. If you permit us, we would love to visit that meadow again, only if you permit,” the mother elephant politely said. That request made the lion so happy. It was the first time an elephant says sorry to him. Usually, he provokes elephants for a fight. But this time, the mother elephant was so calm and requesting him for permission.

“You are a clever mother. I appreciate your wisdom. Instead of fighting me, you did a wise thing by saying sorry. I will let you go. Come again to the meadows anytime you want,” said the lion, he let them go.

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