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Missing Dog And The Boy

boy searching for the missing dog
I Found You Baby!

The boy searched for his missing dog Otis everywhere he can search for, but there was no trace of the dog. The boy was worried where the poor dog must have gone, but he had no clue. He fitted the searchlight on his head and started searching for the missing dog. The rescue operation was on to find the dog as soon as possible.

It was getting dark.  The boy knew that he had to return home soon with Otis, or his family will be searching for the missing boy! He searched for the dog everywhere he thought the dog must have gone. But he couldn’t find him. So he decided to return home with much disappointment.

On the way back home, the boy heard a feeble sound like that from under the earth. What he saw made him jump with joy. There the missing dog was standing in the pit, staring at the boy. The dog was happy to see the boy and was waving his tale in great expectation. He carefully helped the dog out of the pit. Otis thanked the boy for the risk he has taken to rescue him. The boy and the dog returned home happily.

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