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Horse And The Dog Story

Don't Run That Fast

“Hey, dude, what’s up? Hope everybody at home is Ok. I am not seeing my master these days. I want to see my master. You know that every morning, he had a ride on me, but for the past few weeks, I miss him and my morning ride. Tell me what happened to him?” the horse asked the dog because he was worried about his master.

Our master is sick. Yesterday the doctor came and prescribed him some medicines, but the doctor said that it could be another few weeks for the complete recovery from his illness. Till that time, you have to wait, now relax and chill out. When you ride, I had to follow you running all the way. You know, it was difficult for me to keep pace with you because you are very fast,” said the dog.

The horse apologized to the dog for being so fast, said that he is helpless with the dog’s request to run slow. Whenever the horse tends to slow down, his master will ask him to run fast, so he has to obey his master. “All I want is to please my master, obeying his orders. I know you also wanted to please your master, so run fast,” said the horse.

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